Manufactured controversy between Warren & Sanders shows fear of elite class now that Bernie is leading in polls, fundraising

Source: The Atlantic

Hillary is showing signs she’s toying with prospect of a 2020 run

The corporate media is at it again, awarding delegates to establishment candidates before one voter goes to the polls

MSNBC, once a progressive news outlet, now tows the company line: Make Bernie Sanders appear…

But corporate media doesn’t question $6.1 million figure

Beto just wants to be in it, man. He was just born to be in…

Progressives have message for Clintonistas, party loyalists now that DNC admits primaries were rigged against Sanders: Fuck off

Brazile has admitted that Hillary Clinton took over the Democratic National Committee just four months after announcing her run for President, well before she was made the party’s nomminee. Clinton turned the organization, which according to its own charter was supposed to remain impartial during the primaries, into a fundraising and PR arm for her own political ambitions.

And these 13 suggestions could help fix the problem

Yvonne C. Claes

Independent commentator trying to live the good life, but !#%&# bills won’t let her. She’s the one in green.

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