Yvonne C. Claes

Apr 20, 2016

4 min read

Christ himself couldn’t persuade Sanders’ enthusiasts to support party that sanctions/ participates in corruption of voting process

Bernie Sanders’ Political Revolution entered a critical stage yesterday with the disenfranchisement of millions of voters in the state of New York.

It’s a turning point not because it marks the end of Bernie’s march to the White House, as media pundits and Clinton supporters gleefully assert. No, it’s a point of no return for those Sanders’ supporters who once thought they could vote for whomever ended up at the top of the Democratic ticket.

Forget Bernie or Bust. This is Bernie or Operation Take Down. Party elites, in particular the Democratic National Committee (DNC), have proven themselves so biased against Bernie and so willing to turn a blind eye to voting irregularities that the entire apparatus needs to go.

Even if Bernie ends up asking his supporters to vote for Clinton in the general election, many still won’t. Personally, I don’t care if Jesus Christ himself came down from heaven — wielding lightning bolts in both hands and commanding me to join Team Clinton. It.Ain’t.Gonna.Happen.

The party has become so depraved and anti-democratic that it needs to be destroyed so that a better version of itself can rise from the ashes like the mythical Phoenix.

For the all the shenanigans that happened yesterday, Hillary only walked away with about 30 more delegates than Bernie.

Make no mistake about it: The fiasco at the polls disproportionately prevented Sanders’ supporters, many of whom previously were Independents, from voting. And if you’re OK with that because your candidate won, then you are part of the problem.

Approximately 3.2 million New York residents were barred from voting Tuesday. The state has a closed primary, meaning voters must declare allegiance to either the Republicans or Democrats prior to voting.

Voters had until October 9 of last year — 193 days before yesterday’s primary — to change their party status, according to FiveThirtyEight. In addition to being one of only a handful of closed primary states, New York also has the earliest change-of-party deadlines in the nation.

The narrow time frame meant that voters had to make up their minds about who they were going to vote for before they had even heard of Bernie Sanders.

Worse, many voters who played by the absurd rules still got screwed. A lawsuit filed Monday by Election Justice USA alleges that some voters who met the state’s unreasonable October deadline never had their party affiliation updated or somehow had it switched to “unaffiliated.”

And the ironically named Democratic Party seems OK with all this mischief.

Congratulations, Debbie! You and your friends in the Democratic Party have single-handedly thwarted democracy.

Additionally, about 130,000 Democrats in Brooklyn, Bernie’s hometown, were inexplicably purged from voter rolls. Again, no fuss from party elites, other than insincere expressions of “concern” over the “irregularity.” Incidentally, Hillary won Brooklyn by approximately 50,000 votes.

I’m sure Republican Party leaders are taking notes and incorporating the Democratic Party’s voter suppression strategies into their playbook for future use.

This nauseating reality brings me to an important point: If the Democratic Party is going to act like Republicans, why should Bernie supporters give it our loyalty?

If you sincerely care about voting rights in this country, you wouldn’t sit back while the media lull you into a zombie-like state of acceptance. And you definitely wouldn’t vote for Clinton, either in the primary or general election.

Voter suppression is not the way to win people over to Clinton’s cause. Frustration over the collusion between the DNC, the Democratic Party establishment and the Clinton campaign to thwart democracy by hook or crook (“crook” being the more appropriate term here) are not winning them fans or fidelity.

The Democratic Party machine doesn’t understand that their threats about a Trump or Cruz presidency don’t faze many Berners. I welcome either alternative over a Clinton presidency. What’s the difference? Sure, Trump and Cruz are malevolent, fiscally conservative, social-program-destroying megalomaniacs eager to bomb out of existence any perceived threat to the United States. Oh, wait. I meant Clinton.

The only real difference between the three is that two are known racists. The other just rails against “super-predators” while working on “CP time” (Hillary and her then-President husband were notoriously late for many official events while in the White House).

The casual response to voter suppression by Democratic leaders has led many Sanders’ supporters to wonder if the DNC data breach that occurred in December between the two campaigns was deliberate and intended to give Team Clinton the edge.

The computer firewall separating Sanders and Clinton voter files was down, briefly allowing both campaigns to access the other side’s valuable voter data. The Sanders’ campaign brought the problem to the DNC’s attention, and the DNC responded by publicly criticizing a Sanders’ staffer for looking at Clinton’s files.

Bernie promptly fired the staffer, who ironically had been recommended to the Sanders’ campaign by the DNC. Curiously, it wasn’t reported whether or not a Clinton staffer viewed Bernie’s voter files.

But it does seem strange that tens of thousands of voters in Bernie’s hometown of Brooklyn suddenly found they couldn’t participate in yesterday’s primary.

We will never know the truth. That’s how the Democratic Party machine — populated by politician-lawyers — works. But where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And in this case, the fog is so thick many Bernie supporters are choking on it.

Refusal to vote for Clinton is not sour grapes. It is imperative to getting our democracy back. I refuse to put my stamp of approval on a candidate and a party whose machinations are depriving Americans the right to vote, a right that previous generations fought for and died.

Forget about the revolution. It’s time for revolt.